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Kill Bill v Senator Dean Kill Bill v Senator Dean

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Knowing what Kill-Bill can bring to the table lyrically, I have to say I was disappointed and very surprised. Senator brought in an incredible emphasis on his verses. When I heard Senator come in I thought "Ok, now this sounds like a grudge match!" The punchlines where so much better on Senators end. Kill Bill was out preformed.

WINNER: Senator John Dean
For bringing a better style to the table and having better punchlines. Both were good, but Kill Bill was out preformed.

CLAB - Emrox vs Richard CLAB - Emrox vs Richard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I thought this beat was different then everything else I've heard because it was meant for a lot of the rappers that lost in everything I've reviewed. It needs witty, goofy raps with funny punchlines. This is something both artist brought to the table. But, Richard came even more flawlessly with this style. He did everything Emrox did better. If they were brands, Richards brand would be the one you buy just because it's better.

WINNER: Richard

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CLAB - Future vs Senator CLAB - Future vs Senator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The beat was so whack. Anyway, DJ Futures verses where weak. Punchlines were weak. The flow was tedious, a little monotone. SJD came in hard but the flow was weird, like he's talking but the punchlines where harder.

WINNER: Senator John Dean

For bringing a unique style to the table and having better, witty punchlines.

CLAB - P64 vs Wyze CLAB - P64 vs Wyze

Rated 5 / 5 stars

P64 brought a a lot of style and nice lyrics. He voice was made for this type of beat. The metaphors where good and the punchlines also. Wyze had a forced flow, he was off. On a technical level he's good, but I feel like he doesn't portray what he want's to say effectively as P64 does.


Because I felt like he was better equipped for this beat. Way more advance in terms of portraying his style verbally and a VERY on point flow.

CLAB- PsioNic vs JoeyKeys CLAB- PsioNic vs JoeyKeys

Rated 5 / 5 stars

PsioNic's flow was forced but he had waaaaay better metaphors. JoeyKeys was like vice versa. His flow was HARD, love the style, very aggressive but the metaphors are weak. On a technical level though JoeyKeys lyrics were better.

WINNER: JoeyKeys

Because I felt his style was a K.O. straight off the bat.

CLAB - tvJohnny vs Scuare CLAB - tvJohnny vs Scuare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

TVJOHNNY wins this. Hands down.

WINNER: TvJohnny

Why? Because he has diamonds in his rings.

CLAB - rezzy vs breaker CLAB - rezzy vs breaker

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rezzytip did good. But that's all I can say. It was alright rapping. Soundbreaker was a lot more witty but less on point with his flow. Rezzy had better punchlines.

WINNER: Soundbreaker

Because I felt like the emphasis and accent worked better for him because of the beat. He was better equipped for this.

CLAB - Obsideo vs Raven CLAB - Obsideo vs Raven

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Best battle I've heard thus far. Obsideo came in hard and on point. BAM! The punchlines where sick. I'll slap you down like I was born with three hands? WTF. Amazing. But, when I heard MC Raven come in I was like wow - "Monopoly maybe cause I'm capitalizing?" Very good come back, also, the emphasis was a lot stronger then Obsideo. I felt like MC Raven was more into it.

WINNER: Obsideo

Because I felt MC Raven has better punchline but Obsideo's flow was so on point and the balance of flow, lyrics and punchlines was perfect. MC Raven was like a recipe you put to much of something in and it ends of coming out bad because of it.

CLAB- Carefoot vs Gasmasq CLAB- Carefoot vs Gasmasq

Rated 5 / 5 stars

When I heard Carefoot rapping I was instantly reminded of the guy from the red eyes commercial working at a Mcdonalds Drive Thru. He sounds very monotone and I think he could put more emphasis into his lines. Gasmasq had better lyrics but his flow is so forced. Carefoot with his lack of good emphasis still had precise flow. But, my vote goes to.

WINNER: Gasmasq

Because I felt like his lyrics, style and flow was all better fit for a rap battle. Carefoot was not as aggressive and lacks the quality of portraying his style verbally.

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CLAB - Jakobe vs Klazik CLAB - Jakobe vs Klazik

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jakobe instant caught me off guard with the PERCISE flow. I feel like Jakobe tried a little to hard with the punchlines and some of them were a bit "corny" but Klazik's punchlines where even more forced. Klazik's flow needs work and there's something strange about it where I can't understand certain things he says clearly. Maybe it's the stringing of the words, not sure... but, Klazik's verse 2 was ALOT harder. He came with harder punchlines and was a lot clearer. Jakobe was a little to cocky all together, constantly blowing off Klazik in his verses and Klazik came back and topped him in verse 2. But... my vote goes to...

WINNER: Jakobe

Because I felt his style all in all was better fit for a rap battle.